[rabbitmq-discuss] dropped messages in simple publish subscribe system

msmith1638 at gmail.com msmith1638 at gmail.com
Thu May 21 20:51:54 BST 2009

I have created a basic example using .NET clients. My broker is running in  
an out of the box configuration. Feeding into my broker I have a client  
that publishes messages via the basic publish method to two topic  
exchanges. Message persistence is turned off. On another machine I have a  
client that simply rips the messages from the two exchanges and takes some  
statistical data.

Input into the system is about 31,000 messages per second. Now if I run the  
client on the same machine as the input program and broker or on a  
different machine on the network my through put is only about 4500 - 5000  
messages per second. Is this the max amount of messages that Rabbit MQ can  
handle or am I missing some serious performance tweaks.

Would appreciate some performance tuning tips or pointers to documentation  
on this subject.

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