[rabbitmq-discuss] Where too now?

Michael Arnoldus chime at mu.dk
Tue May 12 19:50:47 BST 2009

Hi Tim,

Sounds like a good plan. We're using AMQP for exactly the same purpose  
in the same way.


Michael Arnoldus

On May 12, 2009, at 19:10 , Tim Perrett wrote:

> Hey guys,
> This is my first post to this list - im afraid im a bit of a rabbitmq
> n00bie! I've got everything setup and working and now looking to do
> something good with it to understand how it all works for my use case.
> Essentially I have some backend tools that expose services with SOAP -
> for which my app will repeatedly get data from - probably every 10
> seconds, maybe less i've not decided yet. Anyway... said app gets said
> data from those services. What I would then like it to do is notify
> any other consumers (which will be other applications) that have opted
> to subscribe to information / updates about that job via AMQP.
> Consumers will also be able to hand messages to the central service
> and effectively say "deal with this job and notify me about any
> changes".
> Now then, excuse my complete ignorance, but its possible to build such
> a workflow, right? Any pro's / con's in doing this? What would be the
> optimal way to build such a system from a RabbitMQ POV?
> Just looking for a bit of a sounding board right now so any
> information / feedback would be greatly appreciated.
> Cheers, Tim
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