[rabbitmq-discuss] direct exchanges / routing key necessary?

Marek Janda nyx at nyx.cz
Mon May 4 18:08:27 BST 2009

I just need to confirm one thing.

If I send some message to direct exchange, is there any way to bind queue to 
it that you'll get the message even without knowing it's routing key? I want 
to use RK as a "password" so that every user can subscribe only to messages 
addressed to him - so I need to know if there isn't some way to create 
wildcard match and subscribe to all messages.

After reading documentation, searching the web and looking into source (well, 
I've seen Erlang for the first time in my life), I think it should require the 
key, but I'd like to be 100% sure I didn't miss anything.

Also, is it ok to send everything to one exchange or should I create more 
exchanges and divide users between them? From the performance POV.

Thank you

S pozdravem
Marek Janda

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