[rabbitmq-discuss] High cpu usage for Java RabbitMQ client? (solved, my fault)

Kirk Wylie kirk at kirkwylie.com
Wed Mar 25 19:36:28 GMT 2009

Just picking out one piece to pipe up on the list after lurking for a while...

2009/3/25 Elsner, Robert <Robert.Elsner at echostar.com>:
> Have you thought about approaching the AMQP spec with Thrift or
> ProtocolBuffers encoding?  Tony's post is very much inline with what I've
> found, we have a few messages that are very small (24 bytes) and some that
> are larger (~500 bytes) so the AMQP overhead is very noticeable.  Disabling
> positive-ack from the queues helped alleviate some of the traffic, but not
> enough to matter.

Hi, Robert,

Are you talking about using Thrift or GPB for the message bodies, or
for the overall AMQP framing? Just trying to parse what precisely
you're asking about here.


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