[rabbitmq-discuss] RabbitMQ Cluster, option "-setcookie cookie" + EC2 experiences

Alex Clemesha clemesha at gmail.com
Thu Mar 12 05:42:33 GMT 2009

>> Currently, I have "fixed" my setcookie issue by bundling a Rabbit AMI,
>> which,
>> in turn, bundles the .erlang.cookie with it.  Now every instance of the
>> AMI will
>> have the same cookie - so these instances can cluster with each other
>> ... Not the cleanest solution, but it works for now.
> I reckon that is a perfectly acceptable solution.
I've come to believe that as well :)

>> In this document: http://www.rabbitmq.com/clustering.html, there is this
>> line:
>> "As an alternative, you can insert the option "-setcookie
>> cluster_cookie" in the erl call in the rabbitmq-server and rabbitmqctl
>>  scripts."
>> Does this imply I should modify the rabbitmq-server and rabbitmqctl
>> scripts to have this functionality, or is there some way
>> (that I'm not seeing yet) to pass "-setcookie cluster_cookie" to
>> rabbitmq-server and rabbitmqctl scripts?
> You can either edit the scripts (rabbitmq-server, rabbitmq-multi and
> rabbitmqctl) or add the "-setcookie ..." to SERVER_ERL_ARGS and
> MULTI_ERL_ARGS in /etc/rabbitmq/rabbitmq.conf. Make sure you copy the
> existing settings of RABBITMQ_SERVER_ERL_ARGS across from the script though.
> However, I've just noticed that rabbitmqctl doesn't source
> /etc/rabbitmq/rabbitmq.conf, so the only way to change the cookie for that
> is to edit the script. I have filed a bug to fix that.
Ok, thanks.

>> Status of node 'rabbit at ip-10-250-19-15' ...\n\n=ERROR REPORT====
>> 10-Mar-2009::21:10:49 ===\nError in process <0.35.0> on node
>> 'rabbitmqctl1437 at ip-10-250-19-15' with exit value:
>> {badarg,[{erlang,list_to_existing_atom,[\"rabbit@(none)\"]},{dist_util,recv_challenge,1},{dist_util,handshake_we_started,1}]}\n\n{badrpc,nodedown}\n...done.
>> This interesting part is the "rabbit@(none)" part I think.  A hostname
>> issue of some sort?
> It certainly looks like the rabbit node failed to get hold of the hostname.
> Might be a timing issue, i.e. perhaps DNS is in a state of flux / broken
> just after an image comes up.
Yeah, this part is unfortunate - it's pretty random from what I've
seen.  I've guess
I'll take 'rabbitmq-server' out of the boot sequence ... maybe that
will fix things.

> Btw, what version of Erlang are you running?
# erl -version
Erlang (ASYNC_THREADS) (BEAM) emulator version 5.5.5

on Ubuntu 8.04:
# cat /etc/issue
Ubuntu 8.04.2 \n \l


> Matthias.

Alex Clemesha

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