[rabbitmq-discuss] RabbitMQ .NET deadlock after calling .CreateConnection

Andrius Norkaitis andrius.norkaitis at oryo.lt
Tue Jun 30 21:43:18 BST 2009

To answer to your question Matthias, we found that the thread blocks after
calling "using (conn = cf.CreateConnection(serverAddress))" (I provided our
source code some time ago). Currently we can't do more debugging on this.

This problem occurs only on the instable/bad quality internet connection (if
I just unplug cable it do not hangs). Few days ago I had problems with my
home internet (not only rabbit, but other software had connection problems
too) and that described problem with calling .CreateConnection after current
connection interups occurred frequently. Now it's ok, but to one of our
clients such connection losses with hangs up when reconnecting occurs few
times a day (perhaps their internet isn't very stable).

As for temporary solution we created monitoring thread, which aborts and
recreates thread which manages rabbit connection (if it starts not
responding after calling .CreateConnection).

Does anybody else use rabbit with internet (maybe 3G)? What reconnect
strategy do you use and had you ever any problems with .CreateConnection?
Hope this rare bug will be fixed in the future.

Best regards

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Actually that thread got continued at

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