[rabbitmq-discuss] .Net 2.0 and HTTPS as a client

Tony Garnock-Jones tonyg at lshift.net
Tue Jun 30 08:37:37 BST 2009

Hi Ken,

Anderson, Ken wrote:
>  RabbitMQ was on our short list because it has advertised the ability 
> for .Net access and HTTPS transports.
> Is anyone doing this?  Are there any gotchas?

The only gotcha I can think of is that there are apparently some issues 
with certificate validation under Mono. If you're using MS .NET, it 
should be fine.

Improved (i.e. built-in) SSL support for RabbitMQ is *this close* to 
landing in default, AIUI, meaning that stunnel will be able to be dropped.


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