[rabbitmq-discuss] flow control and erlang client(s)

Carl Trieloff cctrieloff at redhat.com
Wed Jun 24 03:20:04 BST 2009

> If there were per-queue message count limits (and this is something 
> which has been discussed, though it's not part of the AMQP spec and not 
> something RabbitMQ currently implements), the best the broker could do 
> is reject, return or discard any messages that arrive after the limit 
> has been reached.


don't know if this helps, but we do this in Qpid, and it works quite well. Also
in AMQP 0-10 and AMQP 1-0 draft, you have message credit which is the what is missing
on 0-8/0-9 to be able to implement this - thus the producer can be flow controlled. Complex 
policies can be implemented using this mechanism. The simplest that we have implemented in 
Qpid is to be able to specify a max publish rate for example for a producer.

maybe that gives you some ideas as you move toward 1-0

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