[rabbitmq-discuss] Request for comments

Terry Jones terry at jon.es
Sat Jun 20 03:51:41 BST 2009

Hi Valentino

>>>>> "Valentino" == Valentino Volonghi <dialtone at gmail.com> writes:
Valentino> - When somebody adds a task, it mainly pushes a URL that should
Valentino> be requested by the dispatcher.
Valentino> - the dispatcher gets the task and makes the request
Valentino> - If the task completes successfully (with a 200) then it's
Valentino> considered completed, otherwise it's rescheduled.

Cool! I can think of uses for it immediately, such as dealing with getting
things into Amazon S3 in the face of occasional transient failures /

Valentino> Now... My small project, the actual code is around 250 lines in
Valentino> Twisted Matrix plus roughly the same number for a small wrapper
Valentino> against txamqp (must get this fresh from launchpad until they
Valentino> release the next one)

Please do update on txAMQP. Esteve has been merging in various enhancements
recently.  It would be good to know what else might be added to help you
use it, to have your opinions, code, etc.


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