[rabbitmq-discuss] Message TTL/Expiration

Matthias Radestock matthias at lshift.net
Fri Jun 19 06:43:25 BST 2009


Bryan Murphy wrote:
> I've setup a simple test case using SimpleRpcClient and SimpleRpcServer. 
>  Everything works except message expiration.  All requests sent to the 
> queue are processed by the server code, regardless of how long they sat 
> in the queue.  I could, of course, add a timestamp to my message and 
> handle filter them manually, but I was hoping the RabbitMQ 
> infrastructure could do this for me.

RabbitMQ does not (yet) implement message expiration. It's quite high up 
our todo list though and has been requested by a few other users.

Meanwhile, as you say, filtering at the client end is probably your best 
option, and should be fairly straightforward to implement.



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