[rabbitmq-discuss] .NET client SimpleRpcServer question

Ryan Davis ryan at acceleration.net
Wed Jun 10 14:07:24 BST 2009

Matthias Radestock wrote:
> Thanks for the patch. If you don't mind, we'll look into this in a few
> weeks when the person who wrote the original code is back from holidays.
Certainly.  I'll put my patch into production today, and will send you a
new patch if I run into problems.

> On the latter point, the locks look a bit too coarse-grained to me,
> covering activities that can take an indeterminate amount of time,
> such as interactions with the server. That may be unavoidable, but
> without understanding every single detail of the code it's hard to be
> sure.
They are a bit heavy-handed.  It is very possible that Subscription /
SimpleRpcServer could be refactored to maintain thread safety with finer
locks.  I was wanting to make minimal changes, so I didn't go that
route.   I walked through it with another co-worker for a sanity check,
and locking those large blocks seemed the only way to ensure correctness
in these cases:

   1. calling Close() while the subscription is blocked waiting for a
   2. calling Close() while the server is processing a message
   3. calling Close() after the subscription has fetched a message but
      before the server has started processing it

I'm looking forward to hearing from the original author next month.


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