[rabbitmq-discuss] Running rabbit on a node which has its IPAddress as its hostname

Matthias Radestock matthias at lshift.net
Tue Jun 9 06:25:34 BST 2009


rathi wrote:
> I am able to start rabbitmq server in the node which has its IPAddress 
> as its hostname but not able to query any further details about the 
> queues and exchanges using rabbitmqctl or using erlang commands via 
> JInterface. If i set the hostname to some short name it works.
> Is it not possible to have IPAddress as the hostname or we need to do 
> something else.

Having an IP address as the hostname will likely be tricky to get to 
work, so I recommend giving the machine a proper name. The folks on the 
erlang-questions mailing list may have a better idea.



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