[rabbitmq-discuss] RabbitMQ .NET Client sometimes hangs up

Andrius Norkaitis andrius.norkaitis at oryo.lt
Mon Jun 8 08:41:46 BST 2009


I can’t find the problem and how to fix it so your help would be very appreciated.

Our .net client starts new thread which loops calling ConnectAndListen method (loop is for automatic reconnect). In ConnectAndListen method we create new connection and model, bind to queries and listen for messages ("foreach (BasicDeliverEventArgs ee in subscription)").

Everything works like it has, but for sometimes unknown reason sometime client does not reconnect and hangs. It's not always and depends on network disturbances, so can’t easily debug. What I figured out, that thread halts after this statement is called: 

using (conn = cf.CreateConnection(serverAddress))

Any thoughts what can cause it and how to fix it?

Best regards

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