[rabbitmq-discuss] Workaround for basic reject...

Matthias Radestock matthias at lshift.net
Sun Jun 7 12:03:28 BST 2009


Arun Suresh wrote:
> This unfortunately means that if consumer encouters an error on 1 
> message, I would not be able to close the Channel immediately.. as there 
> are still 4 messages outstanding... which means i would have to wait for 
> all the other messages to finish processing before i can send all the 
> successfull acks and then close th channel... during which time, i wont 
> be able to accept anymore messages...

Why would closing the channel immediately not work? That will cause the 
<4 outstanding messages to get requeued (and, if possible, delivered to 
other consumers), just like the message on which you encountered an error.


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