[rabbitmq-discuss] [Fwd: erlang-client woes]

Matthias Radestock matthias at lshift.net
Thu Jun 4 15:08:18 BST 2009


Jack Moffitt wrote:
> I checked out rabbitmq_v1_5_5 of the erlang client, rebuilt, and I get
> exactly the same behavior for both local and network drivers.  User
> not found in the local case, and hung on recv() in the network case.
> Hmm.  make test_network works.  Retrying with the guest user works.
> Using another created user hangs.  So at least we've made some forward
> progress.

So just to be clear, the test_network and test_direct tests pass, but
you are encountering problems when running your own code? If so, please
post a reproducible test case and I am sure we will be able to track
down the cause of the behaviour you are seeing.

>> This is because the Erlang client shares some libraries with the
>> server and it  has not yet been released as a 1.0 package yet, so
>> currently there is no compatibility with the released version of the
>> server.
> That is mildly amusing since all the documentation talks about how you
> guys made it independent of the server API :)

The documentation talks about the API providing a layer of abstraction
over the internal server APIs. That means the code using the erlang
client API won't have to change with every change to the internal server
APIs, but the client lib implementation does, of course, need to track
the changes to the server code.


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