[rabbitmq-discuss] 0-9-1 Coming Soon (Was: Roadmap Questions)

Alexis Richardson alexis.richardson at gmail.com
Thu Jun 4 13:49:18 BST 2009

Hi all,

Just to add some colour to what Matthias said below, here are some
comments about backwards compatibility, and about AMQP spec versions.

On Wed, Jun 3, 2009 at 11:53 AM, Matthias Radestock <matthias at lshift.net> wrote:
>> 3) Clean compatibility with OpenAMQ's C library (aka WireAPI?) -- or
>> clean compatibility with *some* type of C-based library that is
>> compatible with a recent version of RabbitMQ (maybe:
>> http://hg.rabbitmq.com/rabbitmq-c/ ?)
> #3 hasn't been asked for much, so it's currently a low priority task.
> Having said that, any feedback on the experimental rabbitmq-c client is
> of course welcome. Also, we are aiming for compatibility with OpenAMQ
> when RabbitMQ implements AMQP 0-9-1.

The key point here is that we are converging on AMQP 0-9-1 and this
will mean a much greater degree of interoperability.  The aim is for
clients and brokers to work together out of the box, no matter who
made them.  In practice some edge cases won't work, and some code will
implement a subset of 0-9-1, but we have convinced ourselves that this
is going to make everyone's lives much easier and lead to greater
choice for users.

0-9-1 is coming very soon now (I'm avoiding dates for the usual
reasons...).  You may be able to help it come sooner.

Calling everyone - PLEASE do step up here.  We are looking for people
to help with 0-9-1 especially interop testing, and client migration.
Speak out on the list or contact me if for some reason you cannot do
the former.

>> Can someone let me know if any of these features will be backported to
>> a future v1.5.x release?
> I do not anticipate any more v1.5.x releases, and if there are any they
> will be for low-risk/high-impact bug fixes only.

To add to Matthias' comment: people in the community are of course
extremely welcome to help out here.  Obviously we can only do so much
and want to focus on the core features people are asking for.  We are
of course happy to help people out on the list.  If you want some
level of support that the list cannot give, let us know.

In the case of 0-9-1 some people will migrate and some people will
stay on 0-8.  Looking for feedback here: what do people want to do
about 0-9-1 migration vs staying on older versions?



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