[rabbitmq-discuss] Roadmap Questions

tsuraan tsuraan at gmail.com
Thu Jun 4 00:06:41 BST 2009

> There are actually some fairly easy ways to get the kind of reliability
> you refer to from the existing RabbitMQ broker. Just to mention two of
> the options: 1) get the persister to write to a SAN, such that in the
> event of a node failure a standby node can pick up from where the first
> node left off

is this a trivial thing to do?  I know the queue and binding
definitions are in a mnesia database, which is hostname dependent.  If
you had whatever machine that's actively running rabbit always have
the dns entry "rabbit.example.com", and you always start your erlang
with -name rabbit at rabbit.example.com, will mnesia always come up and
have everything working?

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