[rabbitmq-discuss] Error (re)installing rabbit on ubuntu 9.04

Matthias Radestock matthias at lshift.net
Fri Jul 24 01:10:28 BST 2009


Paulo Suzart wrote:
> Firstly thanks for helping. Here go the two logs.
> startup_err:
> Crash dump was written to: erl_crash.dump
> init terminating in do_boot ()
> startup_log:
> {"init terminating in
> do_boot",{undef,[{rabbit_multi,start,[]},{init,start_it,1},{init,start_em,1}]}}

The error indicates that erlang could not find the RabbitMQ code
modules. In a package-managed installation of RabbitMQ like yours one
typical reason for that is a secondary installation of Erlang that is on
the PATH before the package-managed one. To test that, run 'erl' and
inspect the output of evaluating
That will tell you where Erlang is looking for its libraries. If 'erl'
is the package-managed installation then this will usually point to
'/usr/lib/erlang/lib', and you will find a rabbitmq_server-<vsn>
directory underneath that. I suspect in your case it will point
elsewhere (and there is no rabbitmq_server subdir there). If so, remove
your secondary Erlang installation and that should solve the problem.
Alternatively you can also create a symlink in the reported library dir
to /usr/lib/erlang/lib/rabbitmq_server-<vsn> (assuming that is where the
package manager installed the RabbitMQ modules).

There could be other reasons for the reported error, but the above
scenario is the one people run into most frequently.



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