[rabbitmq-discuss] Headers Exchange Logic

Tony Garnock-Jones tonyg at lshift.net
Fri Jul 17 15:41:23 BST 2009

Hi Darien,

Darien Kindlund wrote:
> According to the spec (I think), you can supply regex to
> match on particular headers, when binding a queue to an exchange. 

Sadly, it's not even regular expressions. It's either an AND or an OR of
various headers each either existing, or precisely matching the pattern

> However, I wondering if it's possible to do something like:
> - Bind 'bar' to 'foo', where header 'VALUE > 20'.  Meaning: evaluate
> this header; if it's not an integer or if the value is <= 20, discard or
> let other applicable queues receive it. Otherwise, accept.

No, not yet.

> I'm pretty sure this type of language isn't supported, but I'd be
> curious if it's something you're considering in the future.

Absolutely -- there's a hugely rich vein of possible exchange behaviours
waiting to be explored. Streaming SQL? Javascript-based message
matching? The sky's the limit :)

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