[rabbitmq-discuss] AMQP authentication with RabbitMQ

eric eric at grokthis.net
Wed Jul 8 21:09:56 BST 2009

> After thinking about it further, yes, this capability would definitely
> require modifying the RabbitMQ server's source code... the trick is
> whether or not stunnel exposes the client certificate's DN as an
> environment variable which can then be used inside of the Erlang code.
>  If that's not possible, then Lauren would have to not use stunnel and
> simply develop a new wrapper which talks directly to the OpenSSL
> libraries.

Then, to do what Lauren wants requires SASL/EXTERNAL.  While related, it
is a much different question.  This same mechanism would be how one
would support LDAP and other authentication mechanisms.

I don't know how complete the SASL implementation used by Rabbit is, or
what that implementation is.

Pardon me for, uh, not reading the original post ;-)

Eric Windisch

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