[rabbitmq-discuss] Return message? [Was: Re: Sample code for python?]

Daniel Lundin dln at eintr.org
Tue Jul 7 21:39:36 BST 2009

> I forgot Google Protocol Buffers, I know it's being used together with AMQP.
> However, in our benchmarks, GPB in Python is at least 60 times slower than
> Thrift and cjson.

Protobufs are great if for no other reason the excellent docs, but
like you mentioned the python implementation is suffering because
there's only a pure-python implementation (which makes sense for
appengine). And often it's decent enough for tiny-to-small objects.

We've benched pb vs thrift as well, and decided to go with thrift
because of improved python performance. The extra features are pretty
handy too though. :)

For simplicity in messaging, it's hard to beat JSON though. It works,
everywhere and in all languages with minimum fuss. If you don't need
strict typing / protocols, it's all good.


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