[rabbitmq-discuss] Comet interface

Ben Browitt ben.browitt at gmail.com
Fri Jul 3 12:06:14 BST 2009


I want to write a Comet web interface to RabbitMQ in Erlang.
This interface will be responsible for authenticating users, managing
sessions and routing messages.
For each logged-in user the interface will create a process that will route
messages from the client to RabbitMQ,
send messages from RabbitMQ to the client when possible and queue them in
its mailbox when it's not.
The reason for the queue is that in some implementations of Comet the client
is not available 100% of the time.

I wonder what is the best approach to communicate with RabbitMQ considering
that the interface is in Erlang.
One possibility is that each process will be an instance of the RabbitMQ
and the other option is that there will be one central process that will act
as a bridge.

I've noticed the http example and the STOMP adapter but read on several
places that they don't work with every release
probably because RabbitMQ is a moving target and is in active development (a
good thing).
Do the http example and the STOMP adapter use one of the approaches I
mentioned above?

Is the Erlang client stable?

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