[rabbitmq-discuss] Return message? [Was: Re: Sample code for python?]

Allen Fowler allen.fowler at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 2 20:22:25 BST 2009

> > - What kind of formats do people use for their messages?  XML? JSON? Other?   
> I need to pass less than 1KB of data made up of Text, Dates, Numbers, etc.
> I find JSON easiest to work with, but if you need richer datatypes you
> can basically jam anything into AMQP messages,
> like pickled python objects, etc.

OK... I was just wondering what folks tend to use,.

> > - How would I integrate a UI (web app in my case) on top of a system that uses 
> RabbitMQ for back-end processing.  I mean to say: If the UI submits an "add 
> customer" message to the RabbitMQ server to be routed to a worker, how does the 
> worker / RabbitMQ respond back to the UI with a success, fail (or even no-worker 
> available / timeout) message?
> I'd say start with Carrot - http://github.com/ask/carrot/tree/master -
> I have not yet used it
> personally, but just by looking at the documentation and development
> activity, I'd say it looks like a really good bet.

I'm not at all clear what Carrot adds over plain py-amqplib ... I can't even find the docs.  

My question, in general, is how does the rabbitmq system deal with the need to report back (in a guaranteed timely manner) to the entity submitting a request/job the result of said request/job.  (either the response returned from the worker, or an error staing the request has expired.)


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