[rabbitmq-discuss] Can't read messages with erlang client

Mark Geib mark.geib at echostar.com
Sat Jan 31 00:16:27 GMT 2009

I am using a topic exchange, created by the producer, and sending with 
simple routing key <<"test">>. I do the same basic config in the 
consumer, in addition I do a
   %bind a queue to get the sms commands
   Q = lib_amqp:declare_queue(Channel),
   SourceKey = <<"test">>,
   lib_amqp:bind_queue(Channel, X, Q, SourceKey),

Then to read a message I do
   Reply = lib_amqp:get(Channel, Q, false),

But I always get a 'basic.get_empty' reply.

Any help is appreciated. Everything is current, running on Ubuntu 8.10.

This all works great with Java...


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Cheyenne Software Engineering
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