[rabbitmq-discuss] A new exchange type

Andrius Norkaitis andrius.norkaitis at oryo.lt
Wed Jan 28 14:25:47 GMT 2009

Tony, our messages volumes aren’t large, so it was implemented simply.
RabbitMQ were used for pub/sub routing and scalable transportation of the messages:
 Client application (publisher) calls remote Windows communication service (WCF). It does some validations, logs message to db and publishes to rabbitmq clients. When (subscriber) client starts, it calls WCF service for “last message” list.
Simple but works for our case. If reasonable we may replace “GetLastMessages” service after new exchange will be created.

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Andrius Norkaitis wrote:
> Currently we are using custom implementation of second the case. When a
> user starts listening to newly declared query, he also asks “service”
> for the last messages that haven’t timeout.

That's a useful stopgap solution. I know a bunch of people that would be
interested in such a piece of software, until a proper last-value-cache
is implemented: is it something you'd be willing to share?

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