[rabbitmq-discuss] XMPP gateway status

Tony Garnock-Jones tonyg at lshift.net
Tue Jan 27 14:31:26 GMT 2009

I've just overhauled the XMPP gateway code to get it basically working
with the tip of default of rabbitmq-server.

To try it out, please grab the tip of default of rabbitmq-server and of
rabbitmq-xmpp, and have a go.

We've renamed all the rabbitmq Mnesia tables to work around the name
conflict with ejabberd. The internal rabbitmq-server API has also
changed quite a lot in recent weeks which meant that the XMPP gateway
was broken in a number of other ways, but I think I've fixed the
majority of the problems.

Note that since the database tables have been renamed you won't be able
to use an existing rabbitmq database. Also it's possible I didn't catch
all the changes required so don't go rashly sticking the XMPP code into
production :-)

For the curious, these are the changes I made:

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