[rabbitmq-discuss] getting started, broker runs; can't get status

Matthias Radestock matthias at lshift.net
Fri Jan 23 18:08:21 GMT 2009


Valentino Volonghi wrote:
> I think I get it now. The reason is how the script is written using
> `dirname $0`
> it basically means that if you move the script to /usr/local/bin/ and 
> run from it
> it has the badrpc error for some reason that I cannot understand but if you
> run it from its own directory there's no issue.

The script needs to find the rabbit code somehow. It supports two 
mechanisms for that, as documented in the installation instructions: you 
either place the rabbitmq dir alongside the OTP modules (usually in 
/usr/lib/erlang/lib), or you let the script look for the code in the 
ebin sibling dir.

Moving the script breaks the latter, but not the former. However, you 
should be able to create a symlink from /usr/local/bin to wherever the 
script resides.


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