[rabbitmq-discuss] Making persistence simpler (Was: AMQP & Python Write-Up)

Martin Sustrik sustrik at imatix.com
Sat Jan 17 20:51:14 GMT 2009

Holger Hoffstätte wrote:
> Martin Sustrik wrote:
>> Specifying persistence on per-message basis makes no sense of course. 
> "Of course"? I'd like to hear why you think that is so obvious, because I
> don't think it is. :)
> Explicitly required persistence can be seen as just another orthogonal
> property to transactionality, lifetime or other QoS requirements.
> Enforcing these properties for every consumer up-front might admittedly
> make the life of a broker implementer easier, but at the cost of going
> against the client-driven nature and an architecture with intelligent and
> responsible endpoints (bottom up). You can always superimpose centralized
> decisions over this (e.g. through consistent configuration), but not the
> other way.

True, but the fact that you can do something doesn't necessarily mean 
you should do it.

I would say that clearly separating dataflows with different semantics 
is a matter of sane design. If I had to pass both persistent and 
transient messages between two endpoints (say trades & market data) I 
would define each of them as a separate "path" that way reducing 
possible interactions between persistent and transient messages and 
avoiding undefined behaviour in case of failover, where transient 
messages are lost while persistent messages are replayed.


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