[rabbitmq-discuss] Message deleted at subscription?

Julien Genestoux julien.genestoux at gmail.com
Sat Jan 17 08:03:48 GMT 2009

Hey guys,

I am suing the last rabbitmq with the Ruby Stomp adapter and I have been
doing some testing.
A queue has been created as durable and non auto-delete. This queue has no
listener as of now.

A process puts messages in a queue every second roughly. Atfer some time, I
check the queue.
> rabbitmqctl list_queues messages name consumers
Listing queues ...
508    /queue/MyQueue    0

Now, I start a consumer with the following code :

queue_client.subscribe("/queue/FeedsToParse", {:durable => true,
"auto-delete".intern => false}) do |message|
  sleep 600
  puts "done!"

As you can see, when starting this client, the number of elements in my
queue should decrease pretty slowly (1 every 10 minutes)... but here is what
happens if I check the queue again:
> rabbitmqctl list_queues messages name consumers
Listing queues ...
417    /queue/MyQueue    1

So it seems that starting a consumer deletes some messages in the queue. I
have no idea why. Can anyone explain?

Thanks a lot for your great help!


Julien Genestoux

+1 (415) 254 7340
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