[rabbitmq-discuss] Download location for non-beta client library

Matthias Radestock matthias at lshift.net
Sat Jan 3 16:56:54 GMT 2009


Neil Bartlett wrote:
> I think my misunderstanding is based on my expectation that a bug-fix  
> release on top of 1.4 would be called something like 1.4.1, whereas  
> 1.5.beta would likely contain new features that may still be  
> experimental.

You are actually correct on both points above. It just so happens that 
to date we have not made a bug-fix-only release. 1.5.0, like its 
predecessors, has beta because of the new (or significantly modified) 
features it introduces that we feel may require some time to mature.

> Also as Alexis mentioned, start thinking about dropping the beta tag.  
> The "perpetual beta" is so 2008, even Google has mostly dropped the  
> practice by now.

We are thinking about replacing the current release numbering scheme 
with something different altogether.


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