[rabbitmq-discuss] beginners question about RabbitMQ over HTTP

Paul Jones pauljones23 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 31 21:48:25 BST 2009


At this stage, none of the standard clients actually support connecting to
Rabbit via HTTP. The rabbitmq-mochiweb plugin simply provides an embedded
HTTP server within the broker - it doesn't actually provide any HTTP
services for the client to connect to.

The rabbitmq-jsonrpc plugin does actually provide a JSON-RPC endpoint for
the broker - however, the only client provided for this is a Javascript
based client (though this in no way means that a non-javascript client
wouldn't be possible).

RabbitHub (http://github.com/tonyg/rabbithub/tree/master) provides another
HTTP-style endpoint for Rabbit - in this case, via a Restful API. Once
again, however, there is no official client for this.

The documentation is being updated for the various rabbitmq-* plugins as
part of the 1.7 release, so hopefully the distinction between the various
functions will become clearer at that point.

On your original point however, is it actually not possible to get the
RabbitMQ port opened through your firewall? Or alternatively, would you be
able to use something like stunnel to sneak the traffic through looking like
HTTPS? (this would certainly require experimentation, as I'm not entirely
sure this would all work from a protocol perspective - I suspect it would
all depend on the strength of the firewall/proxy)

Hopefully this helps clear up some of your questions.


On Sun, Aug 30, 2009 at 2:03 PM, Josh Geisser <josh at gebaschtel.ch> wrote:

> Hi all
> My goal is to connect my consumers and providers over http to the RabbitMQ
> (fw/proxy between clients and queue), and after a few hours of googeling I'm
> more confused than before.
> I was kind of able to get the rabbitmq-mochiweb running, but didn't find
> any examples how to use/verify it with amqplib/python
> Can someone pinpoint me whether this is already possible, and how to start?
> Cheers & thanks
> Josh
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