[rabbitmq-discuss] direct queue throughput

Charity Majors charity at lindenlab.com
Fri Aug 28 23:16:02 BST 2009

Hi.  I'm working on a distributed load testing tool for mysql, where
we capture several hours worth of peak query load and replay the
queries against different db versions and configurations.  Rabbitmq is
the pipeline between the central aggregator process and the workers.

I have (essentially) two queues set up, one for farming query
sequences out to workers and one for sending mysql return codes back
to the central.  Both queues are non-durable and use a direct

So far, so good.  But it's starting to look like this configuration
isn't fast enough to let me test SSDs.  Rabbitmq appears to top out at
a throughput rate of around 7k msgs/sec for the two queues.  Does that
number sound right?  The rate is the same whether I'm running on an 8
core box with 32 gigs of memory or a 4 core with 4 gigs.


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