[rabbitmq-discuss] Clustering Issue

Matthias Radestock matthias at lshift.net
Fri Aug 28 22:51:56 BST 2009


Jorge Varona wrote:
> I've noticed some issues with clustered boxes that are weird. For 
> example, in a two-box cluster I have Client A sending messages to Server 
> A and Client B pulling messages from Server B. We already know that if 
> we shut down Server A (it was first to declare a queue) messages stop 
> being delivered to Server B and in turn Client B. The strange behavior 
> I've noticed is that if I bring Server A back up and send messages to it 
> they are not relayed to Server B, which has Client B attached. Only 
> after I restart Server B do messages begin to be relayed to Client B.

When node A dies, as far as B is concerned all the queues on A die too. 
If client B attempted a 'basic.get', or indeed any other operation on 
any of A's queues it would get a 'not_found' error.

BUT - and this is what you are seeing - there is no way in AMQP to 
inform existing subscribers that a queue has vanished.

This isn't just a problem for clustering - you can run into the same 
issue on just a single node if one client consumes from a queue and 
another client removes that queue.

> Here are my assumptions:
> 1. Queues exist only on the server on which they were first declared.
> 2. Nodes within a cluster relay requests to the server on which the 
> queue exists instead of messages being relayed to the server after first 
> received.

Both correct.

> are there efforts to address these issues/scenarios?

It is possible that AMQP 1.0 addresses this. Not sure.



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