[rabbitmq-discuss] Command Line Deletion of Queues?

Tony Garnock-Jones tonyg at lshift.net
Fri Aug 21 15:40:18 BST 2009

Alister Morton wrote:
>> Is there any command line method to explicitly delete a durable queue?
> Something which one of my colleagues has been looking for is a fully
> interactive realtime monitoring and controlling application, so that
> from a graphical console you can monitor all exchanges, all the queues
> bound to them, who is using those queues at any given moment, how many
> messages are queued, what the throughput stats are etc, and be able to
> manually remove or create exchanges, queues and users, purge queues,
> that sort of thing. Are the tools around to enable this sort of
> management tool to be developed?

Check out trixx and alice&wonderland. There are also Munin plugins
available for displaying rabbitmqctl output graphically.


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