[rabbitmq-discuss] C client -- heartbeats

Tony Garnock-Jones tonyg at lshift.net
Thu Aug 20 11:22:15 BST 2009

Hi Nathan,

Nathan Gray wrote:
> I noticed the C client doesn't support heartbeats, which I need.  Has
> anybody done any work to support them?  Is that on the roadmap?

It does hand them back, if it gets them, and it will send them, if you
hand one to it. It will not automatically send any, though, and it
doesn't have any policy about what to do with present or absent
heartbeats: just a mechanism for handing them up to the app. There's
also no API for requesting heartbeats from the broker.

>From a glance at the code, fixing the API for requesting heartbeats will
be easy; but the code is intended to be agnostic regarding the event and
I/O system in use -- for instance, I've had both raw sockets and
libevent working with it -- so automating heartbeat processing would
have to be done carefully to avoid forcing people into any one
particular style of event/timeout handling.

I'll make the change for letting heartbeats get set, so you can experiment.

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