[rabbitmq-discuss] Socket errors and connections not closing

Mark Westling westling at perceptech.com
Tue Aug 18 05:23:10 BST 2009

> Also, are these connections going via some kind of firewall or
> loadbalancer? If so, perhaps the connections to the server are kept open
> there.

To close the loop on this, the problem seems to be solved.  We're using a
Juniper SSG350M firewall that was configured, according to the network guys,
to allow all traffic between the client machine and the server running
RabbitMQ.  Traffic was going through, obviously but I kept seeing these
rather mysterious network glitches between the the client and RabbitMQ.  The
network guys then explicitly opened port 5672 and the problems went away.
 Unfortunately, I can't investigate this any further (or confirm the details
myself) since the network is managed by another company but hopefully this
information will help someone in the future.

Many thanks for the suggestion, Matthias!  Also thanks to Chris Duncan for
pointing me here.

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