[rabbitmq-discuss] questions about distributed queue

Paul Dix paul at pauldix.net
Mon Aug 17 14:07:50 BST 2009

Hey all,
I'm new to RabbitMQ and am evaluating it for my needs. One thing that
has me concerned is the lack of a distributed queue. They reside on a
single node. For me this represents a problem in terms of scalability
and throughput. Having a queue on only one node means it's a single
point of failure. Also, queues aren't scalable beyond a single
machine. Once you've hit the limit of a queue on a single box you're

I've heard that there are workable solutions to these problems, but I
wasn't able to dig up anything that made sense. Also, it's noted in
the FAQ and a few discussions that work is being done on distributed
queues. How close is this?


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