[rabbitmq-discuss] Python library (py-amqplib)

Barry Pederson bp at barryp.org
Sat Aug 15 17:51:47 BST 2009

majek04 wrote:
> On Wed, Aug 5, 2009 at 19:08, Garrett Smith<g at rre.tt> wrote:
>> I've got some feedback (purely constructive :) I'd like to provide the
>> author of py-amqplib, but I can't locate an appropriate list/forum.
>> Does feedback for that library belong here? Else, any suggestions?
> The author of py-amqplib is Barry Pederson, you can find his email at the
> bottom of the page:
> http://barryp.org/software/py-amqplib/
> He used to read this list, but we haven't heard anything from him
> during last few months.

I'm sorry I've been AWOL on this over the summer and before - been doing 
some traveling and lots of non-AMQP work.

There seem to be quite a few messages about py-amqplib in my mail 
folder, especially in the last week or so, with questions, patches and 
issues.  To get a better handle on this and get access to an issue 
tracker, I've created a Google Code project at


and uploaded the mercurial repository.

Thanks for your patience, I'm going to take a stab and responding to 
individual messages this weekend.


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