[rabbitmq-discuss] high resolution timerAborted

Terry Jones terry at jon.es
Fri Aug 14 16:32:36 BST 2009

I found the erl_crash.dump file (in /var/lib/rabbitmq). It's 25K and just
from a quick scan doesn't seem to show anything too suspicious, apart from
the first lines:

Fri Aug 14 15:22:23 2009
Slogan: Unexpected behaviour from operating system high resolution timerSystem version: Erlang (BEAM) emulator version 5.5.5 [source] [64-bit] [async-threads:0] [kernel-poll:false]
Compiled: Tue Dec 11 01:12:11 2007

and maybe 

Program counter: 0x00000000007b2dd0 (unknown function)

I'm happy to email it if it might help.


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