[rabbitmq-discuss] Weird Crash (91MB message over STOMP) [Reproducible]

Darien Kindlund darien at kindlund.com
Wed Aug 12 16:24:12 BST 2009

>> No problem; glad to help.  When you're ready to test the fix on real
>> data, let me know.  I'd be willing to do some testing, so long as the
>> patch only requires recompiling the STOMP adapter (as I'm using the
>> pre-packaged v1.6.0 of RabbitMQ).
> A fix has been QA'd and merged into the 'default' branch of the
> rabbitmq-stomp adapter. You won't need to recompile anything other than
> the STOMP adapter.

Great!  So the fix addresses all three issues that Matthias described earlier?

> 1) attempting to deliver messages recovered from the persister via STOMP
> causes an error
> 2) STOMP client disconnects can result in huge error messages being logged
> 3) sending large messages via STOMP causes rabbit to die

Additionally, when RabbitMQ attempts to recover from a crash and loads
persistent messages back into durable queues, the STOMP adapter will
now see those messages and replay them back to STOMP consumers?

-- Darien

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