[rabbitmq-discuss] Receiving Undelivered Persistent Messages

Matthias Radestock matthias at lshift.net
Mon Aug 10 00:02:40 BST 2009


Vidit Drolia wrote:
> I am using a durable exchange, durable queue and persistent delivery
> mode for messages. This makes sure that the messages I receive are
> persisted till they have been consumed.

More precisely, this makes sure messages are persisted until a consumer 
has *acknowledged* them.

> The consumer is receiving messages by subscription. However, if the
> consumer dies, the next time it runs again it receives only one
> message. I believe this is by design of receiving messages by
> subscription.

Err, no. When a consumer's channel or connection are closed then all 
unacknowledged messages become available for consumption by other (or 
subsequent) consumers.

Is that not what you are seeing?



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