[rabbitmq-discuss] Weird Crash (1M to 10M messages over STOMP?) - Recovery logic for durable messages/queues/exchanges?

Matthias Radestock matthias at lshift.net
Fri Aug 7 23:27:03 BST 2009


Darien Kindlund wrote:
>> Can you send me a copy of the rabbit.log?
> Yup, will do in a separate email to you.

What's interesting here is that within one second of the TCP listener 
starting there are three AMQP (not STOMP) connections. STOMP connections 
get established ~80 seconds later.

Could it be possible that the three initial AMQP connections consume 
from the queues? That would explain why you are seeing unacknowledged 
messages in the counts.

> Have you guys done any sort of unit testing with various message
> sizes?  I'm guessing for AMQP, you have, but I'm wondering if you've
> done the same for all the different protocols you guys support with
> extensions (e.g., HTTP, STOMP ...).

Tony may know the answer to that one... but one reason why the STOMP 
extension still has experimental status is that we haven't done any 
extensive testing.



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