[rabbitmq-discuss] Problems cloning hg repository

Bryan Murphy bmurphy1976 at gmail.com
Fri Aug 7 01:58:01 BST 2009

Hey guys,
I'm trying to download the RabbitMQ C# driver.
  Whenever I try to clone the hg repository, I'm getting an error like
the following:

abort: premature EOF reading chunk (got 1437330 bytes, expected 4715305)

I've tried this both from my Windows machine, as well as a Linux machine up
on Amazon's EC2
cloud.  After doing some research, it looks like this is likely a
server side problem.

Is there another way I can get the C# driver source?  I believe we're
running into some sort of a race condition under heavy load and would
like to make a custom build of the driver.

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