[rabbitmq-discuss] Topic broadcast exchange

Jonathan Stoppani jonathan.stoppani at edu.hefr.ch
Thu Aug 6 15:19:25 BST 2009

Hi All,
I'm trying to create a broadcast topic exchange, where all messages
matching a certain topic will be dispatched to all queues at the same
time (something like multicast).

Is it possible to do this with only one exchange?


Exchange: foo
Queues: bar1, bar2, bar3 with respectively the following routing keys:
multicast.set1.#, multicast.set1.#, multicast.set2.#

A message sent to the exchange foo with routing key
multicast.set1.hello will be relayed to the queues bar1 AND bar2.

Thanks for the responses

Best Regards,
Jonathan Stoppani

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