[rabbitmq-discuss] Erlang Client - preemptive warning

Matthew Sackman matthew at lshift.net
Thu Aug 6 10:51:18 BST 2009


This only affects people using the Erlang AMQP client.

Currently we are investing a good amount of effort into getting the
Erlang client properly released. However, because of code sharing
between the client and server, the head of the default branch now
depends on code in the server which has not yet been part of any

In the past, it has been the case that the head of the default branch
of the Erlang client works with the latest stable release of the
server. However, this has more been through luck than design - the
only two things that are trusted to work together are the head of the
default branches of both server and client.

Therefore, if you are using the Erlang client right now, you have
three choices:
a) Continue with the code you have - do not update to the default
    head of the Erlang client. Instead, wait for us to release the
    Erlang client properly.
b) Use the default branch of the server and the default branch of the
    Erlang client. Obviously, this is higher risk as the server default
    branch may contain new and exciting bugs.
c) Use the Erlang client at revision d522704ccd77. This is on the
    default branch and is the last revision before the Erlang client
    starts to rely on the unreleased server API.

If in any doubt, (a) and (b) are you best bets, or if it's non urgent
just wait for the Erlang client to be released. Obviously, we can't
give an ETA for that, suffice to say that it's going to be more than a
week or two.


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