[rabbitmq-discuss] about the clustering of rabbitmq

Jason J. W. Williams jasonjwwilliams at gmail.com
Wed Aug 5 18:25:10 BST 2009

> It's also worth pointing out here that connection.redirect is a bit of a
> crude, blunt weapon, and in fact has been *removed* for AMQP 0-9-1. When
> we transition to 0-9-1, it will no longer be available: it will be up to
> clients to know how to connect to the broker. This seems like a
> limitation, but I personally view it as an improvement: it means that
> AMQP concentrates on *messaging*, and leaves load balancing up to load
> balancers -- as it should :-)

>From my point of view that's definitely less than desirable. The
clustered broker has the best point-of-view as to how many clients it
has connected and how much work it's doing. We're still
re-architecting our processing facilities around RMQ for the explicit
purpose of getting rid of the mess of load balancers we currently use.
What we've written so far is architected around the idea that a
primary and backup server are hard-coded into the config for the
client for initial connect and then the broker handles redirecting the
client to the least loaded node, which may not in the config file.
Otherwise, every time you add a Rabbit node you've got to populate
that info amongst your client config files, which means more moving
parts. Just my two cents.


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