[rabbitmq-discuss] rabbitmq-server halting with rabbit_sasl_report_file_h crash

Matthias Radestock matthias at lshift.net
Wed Aug 5 01:51:07 BST 2009


Patrick Galvin wrote:
> I have been testing rabbitmq for a potential use at work. I am firing 
> about 500 messages/sec (estimate) from 60 or so processes.
> All starts well (I can see all the messages being pumped out, all going 
> quickly) and after a few minutes rabbitmq halts with the error below - 
> '** gen_event handler rabbit_sasl_report_file_h crashed. '
> (same error keeps occuring).
> Infrastructure wise I have a simple queue setup with one consumer 
> (erlang client)  with the producer a java client; sending very short 
> messages

Based on the error messages you see in the logs, I suspect rabbit has 
run out of file descriptors. I recommend the following:

1) check how many network connections rabbit has open, using netstat and 
'rabbitmqctl list_connections'

2) do the same for the producers and consumers, assuming they are 
running under the same user account.

3) if the figures in 1 or 2 look high, check your client code for any 
connection leaks, or rapid opening & closing of connections.

4) Check and possibly adjusting 'ulimit -n' for the user running rabbit.



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