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On 3-Aug-09, at 4:11 PM, Ben Hood wrote:

> Dear List,
> Part of the work required to bring the Erlang client up to a
> releasable state involves reviewing the API design of the lib_amqp
> module.
> lib_amqp started life as a convenience wrapper around the underlying
> API in the amqp_connection and amqp_channel modules - the original
> motivation was to reduce the verbosity of the AMQP commands by
> supplying overrides for commonly used default values.
> Also, it was also an exercise to see if the wrapper could evolve in
> something useful both for and from the people actually using the API.
> Subsequently, we augmented the codegen so that it generated sensible
> defaults from the spec, thus obviating the need to have a wrapper to
> do this.
> Apart from questioning it's byzantine name, we've had a look at what
> actual value lib_amqp delivers.
> In our opinion, it doesn't actually save you that much typing.
> Furthermore, the structuring of the overrides (especially the publish
> methods) conveys little clarity.
> So we've decided that lib_amqp's existence is no longer justified and
> that it will be dropped from the pending release of the Erlang client.
> Should it transpire that some convenience be provided, then we'll
> consider adding this at some later stage, but only on an as needs
> basis. Hence it would be up to you, the community, to bring forward
> suggestions, if you would like to see some generalized convenience
> functions.
> HTH,
> Ben
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The main feature I saw when using lib_amqp was a constant interface
that divorced the rest of the apps from the rabbitmq server.  That way
I didn't need to include the rabbit hrl's into the rest of my app, I
just used the interface exposed by lib_amqp.

I've attached a rough patch that expands on it a bit to be able to
adjust the defaults when defining a queue, and exchange.

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