[rabbitmq-discuss] multiple direct Erlang clients

Ben Browitt ben.browitt at gmail.com
Mon Aug 3 14:26:24 BST 2009


I'm following the Erlang client introduction:

All the calls are made against the parent process.
For example:
amqp_channel:cast(Channel, BasicPublish, Content).

In amqp_channel the cast function is defined as:
cast(Channel, Method) ->
    gen_server:cast(Channel, {cast, Method}).

When using a large number of direct Erlang clients for a gateway
where every outer client using some protocol has an Erlang client acting as
a translator,
wouldn't this design create a block at amqp_channel:cast/2 and slow things
Shouldn't the client call gen_server:cast/2 directly instead of calling
and use the fact that each Erlang client is a process?

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