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> Your Question: Two answers in this FAQ seem to contradict each other.  Namely:
> FAQ > Clustering > If we connect multiple nodes together will the in-memory queues will be replicated across all nodes?
> "... only broker entities are replicated (exchanges, queues and bindings)"
> This seems to imply that queue declarations are replicated across the cluster.
> FAQ > Clustering > If I make a queue persistent, will a copy of the queue be stored on each node in the cluster?
> "A queue only exists on one node in the cluster"
> This implies the opposite.  Which is it?  Most importantly, when a persistent queue is created I'm hoping the queue and its bindings are stored on all disk nodes.  That is the behavior I've observed at least from a consumer's perspective by testing shutting down nodes.

Fair point.

Although it appears contradictory, it is actually correct - I think
the confusion is down to the differentiation between a queue entity
and a queue process, which I have tried to clarify in this FAQ:




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